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For any questions, information, queries or ideas please do not hesitate in contacting me at any time. 

Melanie Day is also available for choreography, for information & pricing use the form below.

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In times like these they say that the Arts are not systemically relevant, yet Italy is singing from Balcony to balcony, Spain is dancing on the rooftops and even my hometown of Bamberg sent a Musical message of solidarity and sympathy to the Italian people.

Arts are a vital part of all our lives, it always was, it still is and it always will be.

As an Artist I am also hit hard with the current crisis and I have recently started to offer free online classes to stay in touch with my Dance Community.  I am continuing to create and share my passion to my fellow creators, students and audiences, so if you want to support MDance Company to continue to create for you, please contemplate a donation, any amount can help.

Thank you for your understanding and support and please stay safe and healthy.

Yours Melanie Day, MDance Company


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