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A Celebration To Music

Dance and Music has always been a big part of my life and has always played a major role – if not the main role in my life.

Having started to dance at the early age of 3, I actually directed my first dance troupe at the age of 14! I grabbed my little Sister, found ourselves 4 boys to back us up and we performed regularly for annual local Shows and fairs for a little over 5 years and somewhat successfully, might I say.

So roughly 25 years later, I am happy to introduce my Jazz Dance Company MDANCE COMPANY:

Why “ a celebration to Music”?  Music is what inspires me to dance. The Rhythm is the heart and soul of a piece of music and it sets off my heart and soul to move my body and to find the movements to express the feeling it portrays.

​Harmony is about the individual voices coming together for that one moment and it is a vital part to create exactly that, which I am striving to do –a Harmony between Music and Movement.  My Movement language is the one of the Jazz Dance Art form, which is the Jazz Dance of the 21st Century using the international Influence though my Heritage, upbringing and my years of Travel. 

Along with my own African “roots” being born in Namibia I can definitely feel its pulse beating through my veins, I am hoping to bring the Art Form of Jazz Dance back onto its podium and back into the theatres where it belongs to today’s contemporary audiences.

​I would like to bring the “Entertainment” back into the Theatres and give Jazz Dance a professional Platform as there is an abundance of great classical, modern and physical Theatre offers, but a lack of Jazz Dance. I am looking to fill this gap with this first professional Company in Germany.

Wikipedia says, “Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight”.


That is exactly what I am hoping to achieve – pleasure and delight. Come and see, forget your daily worries and struggles and be lead into a world of music, harmony and beauty.

Thank You,

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